Former MJDs of PA

The Miss Job’s Daughter of PA is chosen each year through the process of the Miss Job’s Daughter Scholarship Pageant.  While this is called a pageant, it is by no means what you would deem a “pageant” by today’s standards.  Young ladies representing their Bethels are chosen through a weekend of testing, speech presentations, etiquette, and various other means and essentially participate in stage appearance, demeanor, and attitude during an evening of pageantry.  This pageant is unique in the fact that the young ladies are asked to secure sponsorships that eventually become funds in the Grand Guardian Council of PA Scholarship program.   Each year thousands of dollars are given to lucky high school seniors and college students via this scholarship fund.

Those that have served Pennsylvania as Miss Job’s Daughter are listed below:

1970-71 Ann Awtrey Miller

1971-72 Ruth Meyers Bucke*

1972-73 Nancy Stroup Bodman

1973-74 Lori Sechrist

1974-75 Sue Akins Longchamp

1975-76 Katherine Cordes Foresti

1976-77 Susan Kaufman Doll

1977-78 Carolyn Crane Cutilli

1978-79 Ruth Durand Hayes

1979-80 Rebecca Sell

1980-81  Nancy Cole Farace *+

1980-81 Elizabeth Helfferich Crago

1981-82 Sharon Carlson Cassatt

1982-83 Kelly Morris Parks

1983-84 Wendy Hoke Witmer

1984-85 Sandi Everett Lewis

1985-86 Kathy Reed Marano

1986-87 Shannon Elby

1987-88 Karen Stoner Weber

1988-1989 Tammy Flickinger Arnst

1989-90 Anna Wolgamuth Thornton

1990-91 Christy Hubley Young

1991-92 Elizabeth Harnden Agius

1992-94 Sheri Burkholder Finley

1993-94 Marianne Naglic

1994-95 Jona Hoover Green

1995-96 Jennifer Ballwanz

1996-97 Shanna Coe Johnson

1997-98 Jessica Kidd Steele

1998-99 Andrea Ehrhart Yerger

1999-00 Lin McCain Podolinsky

2000-01 Sarah Chubb Stains

2001-02 Jennifer Snyder Galloway

2002-03 Jozlyn Hoover Davis

2003-04 Natalie Prazenica Herr

2004-05 Nicole Denlinger Hoover

2005-06 Allison Stains

2006-07 Christy Blaisdell

2007-08 Kirsten Piatak

2008-09 Kaitlin Davis

2009-10 Katherine Price Haldeman

2010-11 Cecile Madonna

2011-12 Lauren Nace

2012-13 Louesa Piatak Wetzel

2013-14 Dontata Conover

2014-15 Victoria Madonna

2015-16  Kearstyn Kepler

2016-17  Lydia Bland

2017-18   Alianna Landry

2018-19  Mary Heaton

* Miss International Job’s Daughter

+ Miss International Congeniality