Former Miss Congenialities

Each year at the Miss Job’s Daughter Scholarship Pageant, those competing chose among themselves who they best feel represents the title of Miss Congeniality.  This position is considered of honor since it is chosen by their peers.  The Miss Congeniality then travels around the state with the Miss Job’s Daughter – not only as a travel companion – but also as a member that helps to spread goodwill and cheer to all the members.

Those that have served as Miss Congeniality of PA is listed below:

1970-71 Tammy Willard Wilkins

1971-72 Anne Broucht Floyd

1972-73 Nancy Stroup Bodman

1973-74 Lori Sechrist

1974-75 Julie Gladfelter

1975-76 Melodie Swartzbaugh Beford

1976-77 Karen Bush Decarlo

1977-78 Nacie Scott Meads

1978-79 Cynthia Polson Sayre

1979-80 Cathy Fleig

1980-81 Debra Hall Morgan

1981-82 Kathy Reed Marano

1982-83 Sharon Reed Caldwell

1983-84 Jennifer Davis Cerilli

1984-85 Dawn Miller McNeill

1985-86 Lori Shaw Henry

1986-87 Amy Backenstose

1987-88 Heather Davis Flinger

1988-89 Tammy Flickinger Arnst

1989-90 Michelle Dietrich Jordon

1990-91 Karla Smith Johnson

1991-92 Kay Smith Smith

1992-93 Amanda Murtland

1993-94 Abby Peters Mehle

1994-95 Heather Flock Cestello

1995-96 Jennifer Ballwanz

1996-97 Jennifer Fasnacht Fischer

1997-98 Sarah Chubb Stains*

1998-99 Allison Getz Bunker*

1999-00 Kimberly Detwiler Mellinger*

2000-01 Tanya Sutcliffe*

2001-02 Cassandra Chillas Squires*

2002-03 Jennifer Ehrhart Peifer*

2003-04 Ashley Snyder Rhodes*

2004-05 Lara Sowers*

2005-06 Christi Miller Zeager*

2006-07 Lindsey Kissinger Fisher*

2007-08 Kirsten Piatak*

2008-09 Marie Pashel*

2009-10 Renee Daniels*

2010-11 Leah Riedel*

2011-12 Mazie Doebling*

2012-13 Jenny Chappell*

2013-14 Kristen Gross*

2014-15 Romaynse Smith*

2015-16  Andi Collman*

2016-17  Abby Krahling*

2017-18  Alyssa Kline

2018-19  Mary Heaton

*Served as Daughter HIKE Coordinators