In any organization, it’s the people that make Job’s Daughters in Pennsylvania possible.  Job’s Daughters is an organization of young women who operate their own Bethels, and on a larger level, their own jurisdiction. Pennsylvania Job’s Daughters has two levels of leadership.  On the youth level, the jurisdiction is represented by the Miss Job’s Daughter.  She is joined by a traveling partner chosen by her peers chosen – the Miss Congeniality.  The younger members also have a representation on the state level through the position of Miss Junior Jobie. The Jurisdiction brings together all its members under the formation of its Grand Bethel where the Grand Bethel Honored Queen presides. When combine these young women compose the state representation.

However, these young women would not be able to achieve their plans and ambitions without a dedicated group of adult volunteers who ensure smooth day to day operations. Lead by the Grand Guardian and the Associate Grand Guardian who are elected by the adult members of the Grand Guardian Council. The Grand Guardian and her officers provide support to all of the Bethels within Pennsylvania.