MEW Grand Bethel


The Mary Etta Wright Grand Bethel consists of all members in good standing in Pennsylvania.  They meet twice a year and have weekends built around fun and activities as well as their meeting.  The weekend dates for the 2018-2019 term will be November 16-18, 2018 and May 17-19, 2019.  Details to be posted later.


Grand Bethel Line Officers


Grand Bethel Honored Queen – Corrie B.

 Grand Bethel Sr. Princess – Alianna L.

Grand Bethel Jr. Princess – Lauren W.

Grand Bethel Guide – Hailey H.

Grand Bethel Marshal – Hannah F.

Grand Bethel Recorder – Anna P.

Grand Bethel Treasurer – Tia A.

Grand Bethel Chaplain – Victoria L.

Grand Bethel Historian – Kristen K.

1st Messenger – Dakota F.

2nd Messenger – Vivienne V.

3rd Messenger – Molly H.

4th Messenger – Janeese H.

5th Messenger – Sydney H.

Junior Custodian – Jazmine P.

Senior Custodian – Emma L.

Inner Guard – Delaney S.

Outer Guard – Elena L.

Musician – Carrie D.

DelMar Rep – Alivia S.

Virginia Rep – Samantha B.

Arizona Rep – Kathryn A.

Australia – Kendle C.

Brazil – Sierra C.

Canada – Raelynne H.

California – Gabby W.

Colorado – Maya A.

Florida – Julianna

Idaho – Maddy P.

Illinois – Bryanna S.

Indiana – Nikki S.

Iowa – Mya A.

Kansas – Bailey H.

Michigan – Mikayla L.

Minnesota – Katie K.

Missouri – Mia A.

Montana – Maya L.

Nebraska – Layla B.

Nevada – Mackenzie A.