Join Job’s Daughters Today

Job’s Daughters is an organization created to unite girls who share the common bond of being related to a Master Mason. This enables them to learn leadership skills, organizational methods, and the importance of fulling individual responsibilities within a group. By planning their own activities the members have fun doing what they want to do and at the same time creating life lasting friendships. See for yourself what Job’s Daughters can do!

With members across all of Pennsylvania, Job’s Daughters offers you a limitless array of opportunities. If you are a young lady between the ages of 10 and 20, and would like more information on how you can join in the fun, be sure to talk to your parents and then e-mail the Grand Secretarywith your name and a contact email and we will do the rest.  Remember to tell your parents that you are interested in joining, and that someone will be contacting you soon to give you more information.

Not 10 years old yet?  Contact us about our Jobie To Bee program! This is a unique program designed especially for eight and nine year old girls who are looking forward to membership in Job’s Daughters. The Job’s Daughters to Bee program is an excellent way to increase membership.  Young girls at this age are full of enthusiasm for group activities. Parents – get them involved with a local Bethel at this age and then they can join when they reach age 10.

Currently a member and want to win prizes for signing petitions!  Check out the Membership incentive program for PA for 2012-13.

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